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She groaned in disappointment, but then squealed in delight, when Doug turned her to the side so she was standing between us and we each took a nipple into our mouths."Yeah, but you both know we're in the 'Lifestyle'. I thought Jan was not into that.""Don't you?""God, Kelly, you're incredible," he panted, not daring to believe that this was the high school daughter of his best friend. "You've got an incredible pussy and a fine mouth too," he said."P-please, I give in, just gimme the runerod..."I turned around blushing in embarrassment as I made my way through the crowd hoping no one had heard her. We were going to have to get out of here and quick.
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"Does that bother you?"There was no mistake that Cassidy was moaning with arousal like she was losing her mind. The thing that really alarmed me is that it sounded like two distinctly different male voices were coming out of Cassidy's bedroom. The banging on Cassidy's wall was so loud that it almost sounded like someone was punching the wall with their closed fist. I considered for a brief moment that someone might be hurting my roommate.“Stupid, Mistress!” Ia shook all over as the paintbrush flicked several times over her clit. “Heehee! I'm sooooo stupid from—heehee—not coming! I neeheehee—nnnneed to come!”Elly was holding a long, thin paintbrush."Whoa, just a minute. You two aren't done yet." Anne scolded.From Top to Bottom: What’s Your Favorite Anal Sex Position?To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic Story2 comments

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"You're incredible, Kelly," John laughed as he pedaled behind her, watching the action of her ass as she continued to stimulate herself on the bicycle seat."You really think that you're not going to like it?" John asked with a slight giggle."Sorry, I need to..." I apologized."Oh, I think I'll manage," John said with a grin. "But that's not important now. Would you really like to get back at him somehow?"She rolled her eyes. "Ignorance is bliss." Surprising me by taking my hand, she said, "Hey Kim, wanna dance with me?"I looked at him, cocking my head to the side, and asked, "German or Austrian?"
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After what seemed like an hour of that play between the four of us, Chris suggested to hit the dance floor to let some of the built up tension subside. The two couples headed to the dance floor with each couple holding hands. We got to the floor and began to dance, Melissa is a very seductive dancer taking opportunities to rub her body against mine. She seductively swayed to and from me and as she moved there were times that her short shirt moved in such a way that it exposed the bottoms of her ass cheek. At one point, she faced me and pulled up the front of her skirt showing me her lovely bald pussy. I wish I could tell you what was happening between Lynn and Chris but I was so taken and focused on Melissa that the only thing I recall about those two were wrapped up in each other’s arms dancing closely together.Kent and I exchanged grins again. The dishes where done enough, and the drinks ready. We were naked, and still sporting decent erections. Hot, horny women awaited us beyond the door. I had one more question; "So, are we all up to the same room, full swap thing, or what?" I asked him.And Ia broke. She broke completely. Her will melted down as hours of built-up needs and submissions and lessons and denials cooked her brain like a marshmallow in the firepit. She melted into pure lust. She melted into obedience.It took a few moments for Lynn to finally come down off of her sexual high and Chris embraced her and held her tightly like they were long time lovers and Lynn reciprocated with her own embrace with Chris. So the four of us were laying there spent from fantastic orgasms. Melissa suggested that we cool off and jump in the water to rinse off the effects of the soft swap that we had just experienced. Melissa agreed and the two ladies neared the edge of the boat. Melissa told my wife to remove the bikini bottom she had on so that she could keep the scent of the day for future teasing of Chris. So the two ladies took off what little clothing they had and jumped into the water. Chris and I were still nude from our blowjobs and jumped in and joined our wives. For the next twenty minutes or so, we swam around playfully with each other. I playfully would touch Lynn and Melissa’s tits, ass and pussy as we all swam around. Apparently, Chris was doing the same thing too. And neither of the ladies seemed to mind. After a little while, we got back on the boat, Chris and I put back on our shorts and the girls put on their shorts and tank-tops. The bikinis that were a large part of afternoon’s play were exchanged and Lynn had Melissa’s bottom and Melissa had Lynn’s.Janet scrambled off of me, much to my disappointment."Night, mom," Kelly said. "I'm pretty tired so I think I'll go to bed.""You get her on the floor, and I'll be doing everything hard! Now seriously, go hit the bathroom. She won't make it back across the floor without someone putting a move on her.""Why, do you mind watching while I fuck Becky?s daddy?" she asked.

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John was about to fall asleep when he felt, more than heard, his door open softly, and then Kelly was climbing into his bed with him, completely naked.I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right.It was too late, the bubbling was boiling over, and the burst of pleasure was on it's way. "Oh shit!" I blurted uncontrollably.I looked down at her sitting on the love seat before me. "I'm sorry. Would you care for some attention?""God, Kelly, I've never cum like that before," John said, sagging against the tree, his cock drooping slightly."So hot," Jenna whispered, then yelped in surprise as I leaned over and shoved my tongue between her lips.
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"Unh..." Ia's mouth and pussy were both horribly empty. With so much pleasure everywhere else, it was an unbearable hollowness. Not tongue on her pussy. Not even a feather. No kisses on her panting lips. She was free to speak.Okino wondered if Ytheri had ordered her to cook something up for them. That would explain it. Nobody could resist anything Ytheri wanted.I'm sure a lot of people will be exasperated by my timidity at this point in my story. All I can offer in my defense is that I really did not want to screw up my living situation, and I thought a good outcome was very unlikely. I was not the type of person who this kind of stuff happened to, and I knew all this fooling around between me and Cassidy could be dangerous if it didn't go well. It turned out that I was mostly right."So what I'm getting at," she continued, "Is that we both know we do it. And you're a cute guy. I'm not a bad looking girl, and you seem to like cumming with... my help. So why don't we just, like, embrace it and help each other out, from time to time.""Yeah listen, if you don't want to do it, I totally understand. But like I said, it's HUGE points. HUGE! And I thought, I'm not ugly. What guy wouldn't want to cum in a pretty girl's hair, especially if she was asking for him to, you know? And I don't mean to rush your decision, but we have two hours for this hunt. It's already been 30 minutes since it started, and I need to get back to the bar because there's other stuff we can do for points. So like... I just need to know if you'd be willing to do it."Buford snapped his fingers to wake her from her reverie. Tiffany jumped, her tit tips atingle.In mere seconds she had his pants open and his cock out, sucking it into her mouth eagerly, one hand massaging his balls. But she only sucked on him for a few seconds, and then turned away on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointing at him."I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled.

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After we had been there a couple of hours, Lynn came over to me and in the midst of one of my moments where I was enthralled with Melissa’s beauty and sexiness, Lynn asked me what I was staring at…. “You know, a picture would last longer” Lynn joked. I was busted!!! Lynn had a good laugh with it and told me that she had no issue with me “checking out” Melissa. I asked her if she had noticed how Chris had been checking her out and that he had been staring at her with a serious case of lust in his eyes. Lynn denied that she had noticed and that I must have been imagining it, dismissing that it was a result of my lustful stares at Melissa. The evening went on and I noticed that Chris was definitely into Lynn as I was into Melissa."So how would your sister figure into this?" Tom asked a smile on his face."What the hell?!" she yelled through the doorway. Without hesitation, she was turning the handle and reopening the door."Yes!" Ia squealed. "Yes!""I don't really have any plans," John said, inwardly pleased to hear what his sister had said, and also happy to see what she was wearing. "Maybe I'll go down to the river for a while."She turned and smiled at me with her perfect white teeth and mischievous blue eyes and said, "Can I ask you to go down on me again?" Less than five minutes later, Cassidy was pulling my face into her pussy as she came hard while riding my tongue. Afterwards, I looked up at her, a sleepy smile on her slightly sweaty face, her chest red with arousal, and thought she could not have looked prettier.
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I entered the bathroom and a fresh case of nerves assailed me. Through a stroke of luck, a quick glance told me that there was no one in the stalls and that my hopefully soon-to- be newfound friend was at the long counter fixing her hair in front of the mirror. There was one other girl there as well, but she was leaning against the wall speaking quietly into a phone and staring down at the floor, her long blonde hair hanging over her face and concealing her features. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to the counter. Standing next to the redhead, I put my purse down and removed my lipstick."We were only supposed to eat, then sit by the beach for an hour or so. We're supposed to be keeping an eye on Jenna, remember?"The girls lay with their heads at opposite ends of the rug, which put Kent and me elbow-to-elbow, parallel to each other. Now and then we glanced up from pleasuring each other's wives to flash a satisfied grin, acknowledging our good fortune. Presently, I snaked my left hand up along Janet's supple form to fill my palm with her soft, ample breast. Her nipple was stiff to my touch. Not as large as Anne's were, nevertheless an indicator of her pleasure. Jan was bucking and grinding her hips now. Though she was slower to reach orgasm than Anne, I sensed an earthquake growing within her, as small trembling spasms came closer together. I tried to motion with my head for Kent to play with Anne's nipples, something she dearly loves, but Jan clutched my skull too tightly to do more than move my eyes. Kent's eyes narrowed in confusion, not understanding my meaning. With my free hand, I grabbed his right wrist and moved it towards Anne's lovely, pert tits. In doing so, I turned slightly on my left side, allowing my stiff erection to spring free from beneath me. Anne had been alternately pulling Kent's hair and ears, and caressing my bottom, back and thighs. She had been touching me when I turned, so her hand slipped and made contact with my hard cock."Actually," I spoke up, her shyness helping me to grow bolder, "You have a very pretty everything.""Sure," I said. "But I really doubt your parents would—""Don't you?"I leaned into her, gently pushing her back to sit on the step. I released her shoulders and grasped the edge of the tub behind her. Janet placed both her hands on my ass, clutching me fiercely. Her mouth worked my cock furiously. I was slightly pumping my hips, fucking her mouth, when I froze, releasing burst of semen into her mouth. I think I caught her by surprise. She pulled back to swallow my first shot, and the second splashed her chin and cheek. She recovered swiftly, getting her mouth over my prick to gulp down the following spurts. My knees were shaking from the release. I stood there until she was finished with me, milking me with her thumb to let the last drop fall on her lower lip. Jan pressed her tongue to the tip of my penis, tasting me. I watched for several moments while Jan cleaned my cock, like a cat lapping cream."Secret to what?" He asked, puzzled.

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